Friday, December 17, 2010

A Makan and Shopping Trip to Malaysia

Eating is always a pleasure and I believe majority of the people will enjoy good food.  Although I have been in Malacca and KL many times, I love to go there as their local food are delicious and it's much cheaper after the currency conversion.  Since both of my daughters are having their school holiday plus they are food lovers, we decided to go for getaway trip there.
Given that we have been to Malacca many times, I wanted to explore something new.  I saw this Philea Resort from a tour package advertisement and  decided to check it out.   The resort is indeed uniquely designed with pine log wood,  it's quite lovely and attractive.   As the resort is quite far out from the Malacca city, it is not convenient since our aim to Malacca was to spend more time explore the local food around Jonker street.  Since we didn't book a room there, we could only explore the area nearby lobby and took some photos and then move on to Jonker street.

We love the Baba-Nyonya cuisine at Jonker Street and therefore, decided to settle our lunch at Nancy Kitchen which was recommended by our friend. The place was full house, it was quite a long wait before our turn.  We ordered 5 dishes and all of them were delicious.  Probably due to the fact that we were too hungry and couldn't wait, we forgot to take a picture of what we had ordered.   Their candlenut chicken and fish were the best among all the dishes we ordered.  The Nyonya cendol was decent as I remembered other stall tasted much better.  Anyway, it was a great lunch as all of us were very satisfied!   

We booked into Renaissance Hotel this time as Hotel Equatorial was fully booked.  Although it's 5 star hotel, it's not very well maintained as compare to Hotel Equatorial.   My younger daughter went for a swim while all of us just hang around and relax.  The internet charge was too expensive in the hotel and we refused to pay.  Since the Old Town Cafe provides free wifi, we decided to have our breakfast there to enjoy free internet.

Malacca has rich heritage and history, it is also listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site which everyone knows.  Although the place is small, it's a friendly city which why many Singaporeans love to go there.

Staying in Renaissance gave us an opportunity to explore the area along the river.  It was something new to us since most of our previous visits were confined within the shopping mall and Jonker street. It had been a pleasure strolling along the riverside and got to see the Malay antique yet unique houses.

Palm Tree Resort is a new grand sea hotel located in the new golden triangle of Sepang.  Again, I was attracted by the amazing image of places they advertised.  It was quite a long drive from Malacca plus the journey to there wasn't pleasant as the road was narrow and wiring.  Frankly speaking, we were quite disappointed as the beach there wasn't beautiful, the sun was so hot.  If I would to stay there, I really wonder what I could do there beside lying on the bed.  Food was very expensive there and beside that hotel, there wasn't any choice of places for food.  Luckily, I made a wise choice in choosing not to stay there.

The reason of visiting Mid Valley again was because I didn't do enough shopping and exploring the place in my last visit.  The place is full of excitment with fashion, food, leisure and it offers a comfortable convenient shopping experience.  We booked two nights in Cititel Hotel which is only doorstep to Mid Valley Magamall and premier Gardens Mall.  

The other reason of going back to Mid Vally was I wanted to go back to dine in Madam Kwan's restaurant as I missed their dishes.  Madam Kwan's is famous for its local specialities such as Nasi Lemak, Sambal, etc but out of the dishes we ordered, I love its Beef Rendang, my daughter love their Sambal Kancong. The food was really yummy and mouthwatering. 

With the X'mas festive season coming, Mid Valley Magamall has beautifully decorated and lighted up.  You could tell from the photos we took, this year is a toyland theme and therefore, there are many teddy bears and toys displayed all over the places.  I believe the kids will enjoy the decor since it's like walking in a Disneyland.  The mall was very crowded and everyone carried a camera taking pictures.

Bak Kut Teh is another dish we craved for and must have it in KL.  We managed to find one in Mid Valley,  it saved our time hunting around. Although their dishes were quite good, we still prefer the soup type as theirs are more of the gravy type.The prices were quite expensive  based on Malaysia standard as it's as high as Singapore rate.  Anyway, it was a good try.

The Gardens Mall is just next door to Mid Valley Mega Mall but it's a upper class shopping mall as the place is crowded with all the branded stores.  It's much quieter as compare to mega mall and the decor there is ordinary. Nothing special.  We didn't spend much time there since nothing we could pick up.

Although we stayed in Mid Valley for 2 nights, effectively, we only had one full day there as we arrived late in the evening on the first night and left early the day after.  As it would be a long journey back to Singapore, to prevent the rush during the peak hour plus I needed to go back to take an evening call, that's reason we wanted to leave early in the morning.

Overall, I was very pleased with this trip since it was very relaxing and food was divine.  However, with all these eating, I have another headache - that's weight and I've to to starve myself  for next few weeks to get back my waistline :(

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