Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Feast

So much eating and parties during the Christmas period and now, I am feeling very dreadful and guilty.    Oh my gosh!  I am feeling myself more clumsy than before, I really need to watch out my diet as since after my last thyroid  relapsed, I can never get back to my "normal shape" and I guess it has become an unachievable task for me to deliver forever ... it's harder than my work! 

Having a Christmas lunch with my family is such a bliss and joy.  This year we went to "The Ship Restaurant".   I like the  setting and atmosphere there as it's very cozy.  The restaurant is decorated with full of ship accessories.  It made our dining experience very relaxing.   In fact, during the courtship time, my hubby used to bring me to the Ship restaurant located at Scott Road.  This is a new outlet just opened at Serangoon lately.

Price was relatively economical and reasonable for the X'mas meal, we only paid $18.9 for each lunch set.  It included a soup, main course, drink and dessert.  We ordered two sets of steak, one set of chicken with prawn and one set of fish.   We were very satisfied with the food and enjoyed the time together . I believe it'll be a memorable lunch!

On Sunday, we had a gathering with my brother families.  We did this every year at my place and it was a potluck dinner.  Therefore, each family would bring along at least 2 dishes.   I baked a BBQ Chicken pizza and made some durian cream puffs.  In addition, I asked my maid to prepare a dish of Trotter Meehooon, vegetables as well as fried sotong balls and samosas.  My other brothers brought along the crab meehoon, hofan noodle, fried oyster, roasted duck, vegetarian frog leg dish and satay.  In addition to the soft drink, I also prepared some longang with almond jelly as dessert for them. There was so much food on the table and we were having fun time enjoying the food and chit-chatting to each other!

On Monday, it's another binge.  This time was a house swarming of my hubby's colleague.  Again, it's a potluck and we had to bring something there.  I decided to bake another BBQ Chicken pizza.  In addition to that, I made some coldset strawberry cheese desserts and a durian cream cake.  I think these are the all time favorite treats and most people will like it.  With preparing 3 items on the same day, it's quite a challenge for me.  Fortunately, I managed to finish everything by 7pm and arrived the place at 7:30pm.  As expected, there was a lot of food there and everyone was stuffed.  I was glad that the dessert and cake I brought over were well received by my hubby's colleagues.

After the Christmas, we will be embracing the New Year very soon.  Again, there will be another gathering in coming new year eve but this time, it's an invite from my hubby's brother.  I must remind myself not to let loose this round! 

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