Saturday, December 18, 2010

Banana Yogurt Muffins

Few days ago, we heard a very shocking news.  One of our US colleagues suffered with some type of Pulmonary collapse at airport when she returned back from a business trip.  She was then rushed to hospital but never regained consciousness.  The next morning, we received a very sad news that she had passed away ...

I wasn't sure whether she had any medical condition previously but it was extremely unexpected of her death.  I knew her more than 10 years although we didn't work very closely, I had very good impression of her as she was very approachable, knowledgeable, cheerful and dedicated.  The last time I met her was in Jun this year when she was in Singapore.  I'm very sad to loss such a good colleague, she will be missed by whoever knows her.  I could only say life is so unpredictable!  Such incident has served as a wake up call and remind us to treasure our health,  life and the people we love... we should never wait till no chance to act and regret ...

Let's drop the sad topic and back to baking.  I wanted to bake something for the next morning for breakfast, therefore, I decided to try out this recipe - Banana Yogurt Muffins.  This is the recipe from  Do What I Like , however, I baked it into muffins.   I could say the turnout  was very soft, light and not sweet.  If you like something light, I trust this recipe is what you are looking for.

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