Saturday, October 23, 2010

Oreo Cheese Cupcake

 It's so irony.. last week, I just kept asking myself why I was so tired, I felt fatigue and didn't have mood to do anything but this week, it seemed that I have recharged and regained my energy level.  I am prepared to exert not just in work and also baking ...hope this can last long:)

After the blueberry cheesecake bake, since the night was still early (8pm), I decided to try out the Oreo Cheese Cupcake recipe from Hearty Bakes as her bake is so attractive and scrumptious .  I couldn't resist the temptation ...

How was the turnout?  Well, I think I might have overbeaten the batter and overbake the cake.  Although it is fluffy, soft and spongy, it's not cheesy enough plus a bit at the rough side.  In addition, the Oreo flavor doesn't stand out, it's pretty mild from my view.  If next time I have the time and not sure what to bake, I will bake this again as I believe the fault lies with me, not the recipe itself !

Anyway, it's a good try!  If you are interested, here you go .. Recipe from Hearty Bakes.

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