Saturday, October 23, 2010

Creamcheese Layered Cake (II)

This cake is specially baked for my dearest elder daughter after receiving her request!  
Since staying in the hostel, she only comes home once a week and has less opportunity to taste my baking.  Home cooked food is definitely nicer than hostel's food.  Probably, this triggered her craving of the cake I baked.  This is an old recipe but it's one of her favorite cake.  When I was looking for this recipe, I reckoned that the last bake was a year ago.  How time flies ....

Lately, I was too eager to try out new recipes and neglected the good old recipes.   In fact, after trying so many new recipes, I realized that not many of them can beat the old one.  This recipe is one of the example as it is really very yummy!!

If you would like to bake one, please refer to my previous post -  Creamcheese Layered Cake

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