Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cookie and Cream Cheesecake

The travels have caused an negative impact to my energy level, somehow, I become very lazy and start to loose my interest in baking.  I really don't hope so as the amount of ingredients I stored in fridge and cabinet probably can last me at least a month. 

Oh my god! There were many packages of the whipping cream and cream cheese going to expire, I had to hurry up  else, I had to throw them away.  Originally, I intended to bake a blueberry cheesecake but given that I would not be able to use up all the filling, I finally decided to pick this Cookie and Cream Cheesecake recipe.  

I just realized that this recipe is similar to one of the Oreo cheesecake I baked before.  Not sure whether I'm bias or mindset, I still prefer Oreo cheesecake with condense milk rather than with whipping cream as I feel the former tastes richer and creamier.  I guess if I will to bake any Oreo or Cookie and Cream Cheesecake again, I will stick to the one with condense milk.

Cookie and Cream Cheesecake Recipe

 - Preheat oven at 150*C for 15 mins. Prepare 6” spring form pan wrapped with foil.

Biscuit Base
- 100g Oreo biscuit (don't remove the cream)
- 50g melted butter

Cheese Filling  
- 250g cream cheese } cream together till smooth 
- 46g sugar               } 
- 3/4 tsp vanilla essence 
- 7g cornflour (sifted)
- 100g whipping cream
- 1.5 eggs (lightly beaten)
- 100g Oreo cookies
- 80ml milk

- Aprcot glaze with some water

1. Crush biscuits with a rolling pin and stir in melted butter. Mix well.
2. Press the biscuits onto the baking pan till firm. Freeze for min 15 mins.
3. Cream cheese and sugar until smooth. Add vanilla essence and cornflour, and beat until smooth.
4. Add in whipping cream and blend until mixture thickens.  Pour in beaten eggs and mix till just combined.
5. Take out the cookie base from fridge, pour half the filling over.  Dip half the cookies in milk then arrange on filling. 
6.  Pour remaining filing on the cookies.  Repeat the same step as 5 - dip cookies in the milk.
7.  Place the baking plan in water bath.  Bake at 150*C for 1 hr or until centre is almost set. Turn off the oven and leave the cake cool in the oven with door close for another 30 mins
8.  Remove water bath and leave cake to cool completely in oven with door ajar.
9. Chill cake for at least 5 hour before removing from pan.
10. Microwave Apricot glaze for 15 sec and mix with some hot water.  Leave to cool sightly before brushing over the cake.

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