Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Peach Pastry Cake

Peach is never my choice of fruit for cake baking as it's not something I adore, I will rather use berry, banana, mango or durian, however, I noticed this cake is so popular among many of the home bakers and since this is well-received and highly regarded by them, I think I should give it a go.  

The original name of this cake called "Fruit Pastry Cake" as it's supposed to bake with various types of fruit but since I only used peach,  I think naming it as "Peach Pastry Cake" is more appropriate.   

I like the shot posted by the baker of Happy Home Baking, it's very well taken and so alluring.  I remembered a couple months back when I chanced upon her blog, I was drawn into it immediately.  This is a very easy cake, straight forward.   I believe any new baker can do it,  the preparation time is very short (ie. only 30 mins) and the rest is to leave it in the oven.  The baking will take as long as 70 mins.  As mentioned by other bakers,  to prevent the surface of the cake from being charred,  it's recommended to cover it with a layer of foil during the last 15 mins.

Since I don't fancy peach cake, I didn't have very high expectation on its turn out.  From my view, this cake is acceptable.  It's moist, soft  and not so buttery, however, it's at the sweeter side. If I'll to bake again, I will cut down 10-20g of sugar or add a pinch of salt.  Else, I will omit the peach chunks. 

It's surprising that my younger daughter likes this cake and she thinks most children will welcome it because it's light and sweet.   Everyone has their own preferences, therefore, my judgment doesn't represent others. If you will ask me to choose between this and the Pineapple cake in my previous bake,  I'll prefer the latter.

Thinking of baking this Peach Pastry Cake?  Pls refer to Happy Home Baking blog for recipe.

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