Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Happy Birthday !!

Another year wiser,  hope so! 
Birthday has no longer an exciting thing I look forward to since as years pass, what it means to me is I'm getting older and older :(  Being someone who is not very expressive and feel uncomfortable in the crowd,  I prefer a simple and quiet celebration approach - just with someone I love and close with.  The only year that I had a big celebration was my 21st birthday.  During our time, disco function seemed to be something couldn't avoid.   I had a close friend helped me to organize everything for me,  I dressed up so formally and spent so much time and money on that night.    Was it worth ?  The answer is yes but one is enough!  It's a good experience as I will never have another 21st!

Being able to bake birthday cake for people, I supposed I could bake my own cake.  However, I find it meaningless and therefore, I refuse to do it.  It'll be nice if my daughters could bake for me but I guess this may only come true in the dream ..  I had heard a lot of good recommendation about the dessert in Bakerzin and therefore, asked my hubby to get my cake from there.  I picked the Chocolate Amer cake which is one of their best seller.    From my view, this is more a mousse-like cake, it's soft and rich and for people who is chocolate lover, certainly they will love it.  As for me, I think it's good but not to the best yet.  Anyway, it's a good choice since both my daughters are chocolate lovers.

For the birthday meal, I hesitated for a long while to decide where I should go.  Finally, I picked Earle Swensens since I prefer a light meal with some dessert to go with but I was a bit disappointed as  the beef and salmon in Earle were over cooked and dried.  Only the bake rice was fine.  We ended the meal with some ice-cream dessert.   

That's all about my birthday this year .. A simple birthday cake plus a birthday lunch :)

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