Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Place of Wonders - Germany

Back from Germany few days ago but brought back a lot of marvelous memories ...   
Sep 7 morning -  I took a midnight flight from Singapore and connected from Frankfurt airport to Stuttgart. I was pleased with the airport as it's big with a lot of retailing shops.  What I like most is the Lufthansa boarding hall, it's neat, they provide free newspaper and beverage.  It makes me feel like at home! How nice if our Singapore Changi Airport  can provide such service ... 

Sep 7 (Tue) Afternoon - Finally I arrived in Stuttgart after 15 hours of flight including the stop over.  From airport to the hotel in Herrenberg, it's another 30 mins car ride.  By then I arrived in the hotel, it was the afternoon.  Since the sky was still bright, I followed the instruction given by the hotel staff to the nearby Supermart to pick up some stuffs.  The weather was great, it's cool.  I discovered a little old town next to the Supermart after my shopping, its walled medieval building structure had immediately captivated my heart.   What a beautiful and lovely little old town !  

 It's my 1st visit to Germany, I was glad that I could take the opportunity of the company business trip to visit this place.   Since the hotel that I stayed was near to this old town, together with my colleagues, I spent most of the evening dinning in the nearby restaurants.  We tried many of their local dishes and overall, we were quite satisfied.  No complaint!  There is an old church situated on the hill top, we enjoyed the view of the city and the German landscape from there.  

Sep 8 (Wed) EveningIt's time for a Get Together!  I joined  the get together dinner with my colleagues at a brewery in Boelingen.  The place is about 20 mins away from Herrenberg.  We had a great time and enjoyed the laughters and cheers together.  The feeling of having a bunch of fantastic colleagues around you is always  fun and joyous!

Sep 11 (Sat) - Work hard, play hard !  Weekend is the time to let loose.  My colleague's (Czhang) friend brought us to Heidelberg.  From Herrenberg to there was an hr train ride.  Heidelberg is widely regarded as one of the best business locations in Germany.  One of the most popular site in this town is its Heidelberg Castle .  It sits on a hill top which allows us to overlook the entire town and distant hillsides.  It's very romantic to stroll along the walk with the picturesque castle ruins overlooking everything.  What a breath-taking scenery!

Beside the castlesthere are many other things to see in Heidelberg.  The city, the great terrace , the shopping streets with outdoor cafes, the river and the gardens, etc are equally attractive and charming.

Sep 12 (Sun) -  Continued my journey to explore Germany.  It was a long trip (about 4 hours) to Rothenburg from Herrenberg and we had to take 3 trains before arriving the place.  Some hiccups along the way, the train station display was so misleading, as a result, we missed the earlier train.  Fortunately, we took an alternate route and managed to catch the next train to reach the destination in time.  Phew!

 Wow! Rothenburg is another incredibly pretty medieval and old town, its half-timbered builds and narrow, winding cobblestone streets was so alluring, it's like a disneyland attraction and  made me feel so wonderful and pleasure.  A walk around this small old town was like a journey down the centuries, I was so enjoyed and relaxed strolling and exploring the surrounding.  The weather was perfectly good, it's cool and sunny, temperature was around 15*C.   I can't believe that is such a heaven here! Wish I could stay longer and forever!!

Sep 14 (Monday) morning - It's time for me to bid farewell as I had to rush back for another business working meeting.  However, since my flight was scheduled in the evening, I had the luxury to spend a morning to explore another place  with my colleague, Wyang.   

Tübingen is just 30 mins train ride from Herrenberg, after yesterday, we were better off with the train system and able to move around ourselves without much problem.  Tubingen is another old town but there were more youngsters around . Understand that there are many famous colleges and institutions crowed there. 
It's so relaxing to traverse the winding alleys from one end to another within this old town, the historical monuments, the castle, the Roman churches and the beautiful half-timbered building make this place so picturesque.  The centuries-old high plane trees together with the medieval town houses that ran alongside the river made the scene so quintessential idyllic sight. I feel so at ease, I want to sit back and hang loose there.  Oh!! It's another heaven!

Time's up! I needed to go.  It has been a very excellent stay and exciting experience in Germany.   Good-bye and definitely will see you again!!

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