Friday, August 27, 2010

Tiramisu Cheesecake

I had been wanting to bake a Tiramisu cake for a long time and today, I have finally got there! Hooray :P
I remembered last year, after the baking lesson, I was so eager and excited to try this out and therefore, went straight to get the ingredients ready for the bake. However,  at that point, I was still a newbie, I doubted my ability and had no confident to achieve because the recipe appeared some level of complexity and difficulty.  It's such a shame that as a result of the procrastination, I had to dump away the ingredients as there is always an expiry date for these.  What a waste!

Since then, the desire of baking Tiramisu cake had dipped to the bottom and it just skipped off my mind for a while until a couple weeks ago, something prompted and spurred me to take this challenge again.   I didn't use the recipe from the baking lesson, instead I adopted Alex Goh's with some tweaks.  I had also cut down the level of liqueur, sugar and coffee powder. 
My initial plan was to make this cake last Saturday but with my elder daughter only returned home from hostel during weekend, I tended to allocate more time to her and tried to accommodate her time schedule, as a result,  I could only manage to bake the sponge cakes (two 6").  Since I was not unable to ice the cakes last weekend, I stored the them in the freezer for later usage. 

As the decor could only begin after the cake is chilled,  I split up the mixing/icing and decoration works into two nights. Given that the method of mixing/icing was pretty similar to other cheesecakes and I had quite a few hands-on practices lately, it was a blessing to manage through without much hassle.

Overall, this is indeed a yummy dessert, the cake layer is spongy and fluffy, the cheese filling is creamy and rich with a combination of chocolate and coffee flavoring.  However, the imperfection is it's overly moist and soft once it's out of chiller, I think it'll taste better after freezing for 2 hours so as to allow texture to be set firmly.  If I will to bake again, I will choose to either skip the step of moistening/damping the cake or just brush a very thin layer.   

Want to join me?  Here you go ...  
Tiramisu Cheesecake Recipe

-    Prepare one 8” or two 6” round  chocolate sponge cake/s, slice into 3 layers.

Coffee Syrup Ingredients
-    70g sugar                                   }
-    2 tbsp instant coffee powder      } premix
-    2 tbsp cocoa powder                  }
-    150g boiling water

Cheese Mixture Ingredients
-    1 tbsp kahlua (coffee liqueur)
-    1 ¼ tbsp gelatine powder
-    40ml boiling water
-    3 small egg Yolks
-    1 egg white
-    45g sugar
-    250g mascarpone cheese
-    1 tsp kahlua (coffee liqueur)
-    200g whipping cream

1.    Premix sugar, coffee powder and cocoa powder together.  Add boiling water and mix till well blended.  Set to cool before mixing in kahlua.   Set aside.
2.    Add gelatine powder into boiling water and mix till resolved.  Set aside.
3.    Whip egg yolks, egg white and sugar over simmering water until thicken (about 15 mins) and then add in gelatine mixture.  Mix well.
4.    Beat cheese till smooth, add in kahlua, egg yolk mixture (step 3) and 1 tbsp coffee syrup (step 1).
5.    Whisk whipping cream under ice water (abt 2 mins) till soft peak, pour in above cheese mixture and mix till blended (abt 10-15 sec).
6.    Place 1st layer of sponge cake in a cake ring, moist with coffee syrup, pour 1/3 (abt 200g) of cheese filling on top and level it.
7.    Repeat the same for middle and top layers and chill till firm (at least 5 hours or overnight)
8.    Remove the cake ring and dust with coca powder.

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