Sunday, August 1, 2010

Happy Birthday, Sheryl !!

Just returned from Beijing yesterday morning, although I still felt tired after the past midnight flight, I couldn't stop myself to bake this Strawberry Shortcake for my dearest eldest daughter as it's her birthday today - Aug 1st!! 
Happy Birthday, Sheryl.  I love you!
I realized that the strawberry I bought this time round was quite sour, I should have top up some sugar to enhance its sweetness as it didn't turn out as delicious as the previous bakes.  Apart from this, the cake was great as the sponge cake continued to keep up its standard!  
As usual, we kept this type of celebration small, we went to Lemon Grass restaurant for lunch and then followed by birthday cake celebration at home.  With the school opening, my daughter had to head to her hostel after that.  Although I felt a bit depressing as I could only see her at weekend, hope that she grows wiser and becomes more independent after staying outside. 
 Feel sooo good to be back at home especially when my family is around.  The recent travels really makes me tired, sick and phobia, perhaps it's too frequent or may be I've aged and no longer looking forward to this ...  however, when the job calls for, I have no choice to accept it...I guess this is life!

If you like this birthday cake, please follow this link to retrieve the Japanese Strawberry Shortcake recipe . Hope you enjoy.  Cheer!

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