Thursday, July 8, 2010

Japanese Green Tea (Matcha) Cheesecake

Last weekend, my family visited Ichiban Sushi for lunch again and I could not resist myself from ordering the Matcha Cheesecake as after the last try, I like it so much.  In the past, I liked their original flavor but after trying out the green tea's, I've changed my preference.    As compare to other Japanese cheesecakes, this matcha version is not very cotton-like, I believe it contains more flour. 
 Since I wasn't very satisfied with my previous Matcha Cheese Chiffon Cake bake, I decided to find another recipe and  hoped to be able to achieve similar standard as Ichiban Sushi.  If I could make it, I believe I could stop my craving on this and I could share this delight with my families, friends and colleagues ...
I found a few receipts but decided to adopt the one from as it contains more flour than others.  The only reservation I have is the sugar level and therefore, I cut down 15% from the original recipe , I also replaced the milk with whipping cream since I still had the leftover from the last bake.  On top of it, I cut down half portion of green tea powder as I prefer a more subtle flavoring ... 
My verdict is this recipe is a keeper.  It's really very yummy!  Not overly soft and light, the texture is just nice and I dare to say that it can compete with Ichiban's and believe you will like it. 

Matcha Cheesecake Recipe 
-    Preheat oven at 160*C.  Boil water for water bath.  Bake on the lowest rack  at 75-90 mins.
-    Baking pan:  10” (or two 7") spring form pan wrapped with foil 
-    250g cream cheese   
-    100ml whipping cream (original recipe uses milk)
-    50 g  butter
-    6 egg yokes (each egg at 65g)
-    ½ tsp green colouring
-    60g cake flour                                                       }sifted together
-    20g corn starch                                                      } and mix well
-    1 ½ tsp green tea powder ( original recipe uses 1tbsp }
-    6 egg whites
-    118g sugar (140g in original recipe)
-    1/4 tsp cream of tartar


1.    Double boil cream cheese and milk until cheese is melted. Stir in butter. Set aside till cool.
2.    Stir in egg yolks and green colouring.   Fold in sifted flours and green tea powder till evenly mixed.  Set aside.
3.    Whisk egg whites till frothy and foamy. Beat in sugar and and cream of tartar gradually till stiff peak formed.
4.    Fold in 1/3 egg white foam into cake batter (step 2). Repeat the same step for remaining egg white foam till combined. 
5.    Pour batter into a 10" round (or two 7") cake pan or spring form tin (must wrap with foil) and place into a large baking pan filled with hot water.
6.    Baked in preheated oven at 160*C for 1hr 15 mins. Cool completely before chilling. 


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