Sunday, July 18, 2010

Black Forest Cheesecake

Getting busier ahead, the work is piling up plus has to make a couple of business trips again. Weekend seemed to be too short and passed too fast.  I really treasured those time I spent with my family and I am feeling some phobia to fly again :(
If not because of searching for some cookies to bring along for the business trip, I didn't realize there were two cans of dark cherry in the kitchen cabinet, this is the problem of stocking up.   Many a times, I lost track of how much baking ingredients I stored at home and when I realized it, some of them had already expired.
Since I had been wanting to try out this black forest cheesecake recipe, I was glad about this "discovery".  However, due to the fact that the recipe wasn't very clear with the instruction, I made a stupid mistake by adding too much of cornflour to cherry syrup, as a result, it became too thick and I had to throw it away .  

Despite some hiccups, this cheesecake turned out pretty good although it tastes more like chocolate cheesecake.  My younger daughter likes it so much!  


Here you go.. Black Forest Cheesecake recipe... 

-    Preheat oven at 160*C.  Boil water for water bath.  Bake on the lowest rack  for 60 -65 mins.
-    Baking pan:  8” spring form pan wrapped with foil.  
-    Scrape 200g of chocolate and chill in fridge for later use

-    1 tin dark sweet cherry (separate cherry and syrup)
-    10g cornflour (diluted with 2 tbsp water)
-    500g cream cheese
-    150g caster sugar
-    1 tsp vanilla essence
-    3 large eggs (65g each)
-    5 tbsp cocoa powder (sifted)
-    250g whipping cream (whipped)
-    250g chocolate (shavings)
-    8 no. maraschino cherries 

1.    Separate the cherry from syrup.  Bring cherry syrup to boil, add diluted cornflour and simmering under low heat till thicken. (1-2 mins). Leave to cool.
2.    Beat cream cheese, caster sugar and vanilla essence at medium speed till combined (abt 1 mins).
3.    Add eggs one at a time into cheese mixture (step 2) and continue to beat till smooth.  (try to scrap sides to ensure no lump)
4.    Pour 3/5 of the cheese mixture into a baking pan. Arrange drained cherries over.  Put aside.
5.    Add cocoa powder to remaining cheese mixture.  Mix well and pour over the cherries mixture.
6.    Water bath at 160*C for 60-65 mins or till centre cooked.  Leave to cool and freeze for 1 hr.
7.    Spread the cherry cornstarch (from step 1) over the cheesecake.  Freeze for at least 30 mins.
8.    Cream whipping cream till stiff.  Ice the whole cake and coat sides and centre top with chocolate shavings.
9.    Decorate with rosette (use no.2) of cream and maraschino cherry as desired.

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