Sunday, June 27, 2010

Japanese Green Tea (Matcha) Cheese Chiffon Cake

 I am not into green tea because it has a "grass-like" taste,  I'm fine with it as drink but not to the dessert.  The only green tea dessert that I will eat is ice cream.  In fact, I only got to appreciate it few years back during a business trip in Taiwan.  I couldn't recall what push me to try it out and after that I started to like it but only take selected brands, eg. Meiji as it's very creamy and the green tea taste is very subtle.    

I had never thought of making any green tea cake since I know it isn't that popular at home.  However, after trying out the green tea cheesecake at Ichiban Sushi, I changed my mind as it tasted unexpectedly yummy, the green tea flavor wasn't overpowering, the texture was moist and creamy.  

Since then, I decided to give the "green tea cake" a chance and started to look around for recipe.  There were many recipes online but I wasn't sure which one was good.  I finally found this Green Tea Cheese Chiffon Cake recipe from Y3K blog and believed it should fit the bill since I was looking for something similar to Ichiban's green tea cheesecake.  However, I didn't follow the recipe exactly because I needed to clear some of the old stock in the fridge.  I replaced the cream cheese with cottage cheese and milk with whipping cream respectively.  I also cut down 1/3 of the green tea powder amount as I knew I cannot stand the strong flavor.  

Even with the cut down of green tea powder, I still find the it overpowering but my maid thinks otherwise.  I guess it's up to individual.  If I will to bake again, I will further reduce the green tea amount to 1/2 instead.  Certainly, this can't compete with the Ichiban's but overall, it's still taste good.

Interested? Here you go .. Green Tea Cheese Chiffon Cake recipe.
 P.S.  I only baked half of the amount called in this that recipe and used tube pan instead.

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