Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Birthday, Dear!!

I teased my hubby last week that he would become another "old uncle" after his birthday as this year is a big year for him, he would be crossing another milestone.  Times flies.. when I knew him, he was in his mid 20 and I was just out from school.  We met each other in a workplace and later became a couple. 

Then we got married and gave birth to two lovely and loving daughters.  Now, our eldest is already a big girl and going to U this year.  With the children growing up, I start to feel the loneliness.  Luckily, with my hubby around to support and accompany me, the discomfort has greatly reduced.

I didn't buy any expensive gift, what I did for that day was to bake his favorite durian cake and book a restaurant for a family dinner since my hubby and I don't like to be elaborate.  Family gathering is the best option for such kind of occasion for us.   A simple dinner and a small birthday cake, that was what he received for his birthday ... And of course with all our loves ... 

Happy Birthday, Dear !!
Thanks for the caring you've given me all these years, I can't imagine living without you at my side.

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