Sunday, June 27, 2010

Get Together!

I get to know a lot of new colleagues and  make new friends after taking up this new role but among all the new friends I knew, only a few of them are based in Singapore.  Given that the nature of our job doesn't need us to be in office, majority of us are working from home, therefore, we normally connect each other via phone or chat online, the chances of meeting each other in the office is so rare. If we want to meet up with each other, someone will have to organize and book a time and place.  This is the working environment I am in today ... which is very different from the traditional office.  Sound very virtual and distance!?  Well, I have got used to this kind of working lifestyle and I enjoyed ...
 One of my friend suggested a get together since we didn't have a chance to meet up with each other  after returning from Beijing.  Beside meeting up, someone requested to try out my bake.  What a great idea!  It's my honor as well.  What I supposed to bake?  I had been puzzling for a while .. cheese, chocolate, mousse, chiffon, butter, cream, mango, banana, coffee cake, etc.   I flipped through the list of recipes I have but still had no clue .. I really worried what if .. the cake didn't turn out as expected ... anyway, since I had committed, I would have to bite the bullet and to deliver.  After knowing that some of them are cheesecake lovers, I decided to go along this line...
 Only cheesecake?   Didn't it too plain and dull for the get together session? Should I bake another durian cream cake since I had some durian puree left over from the father's day bake?  However, after second thought, I worried I would get a"warning letter" as the durian odor might pollute the office environment.  Yes! I finally made up my mind.  I would bake a New York Cheesecake plus a Japanese Strawberry Shortcake - this had finally stop my "struggle" ...
 Given that it's not a big group, I decided to bake a smaller cake.  My friends couldn't believe I brought 3 cakes to the office, ie.  New York Cheesecake, Strawberry Shortcake and Japanese Marble Light Cheesecake (I kept 1/3 portion from the previous bake).  They were amazed how I could manage it.  Well.. not all the cakes were baked on the same day, I spread it out within few days. Some of them I baked during the weekend and kept in the fridge, I only baked the New York Cheesecake and iced the strawberry shortcake on that day.
 Beside the colleagues we met for get together, I also shared the cakes with my other old colleagues.  Phew! Most of them enjoyed and liked them very much.  Among the three, Strawberry Shortcake and New York Cheesecake were very highly rated.  One of my colleague who doesn't like cheesecake also said "good".  This really made my day :)
 Couple of my colleagues were interested in trying out the cakes and asked me for the recipes,  I advised them to start with cheesecake since the preparation time only takes 30-40 mins, moreover, it's easy to bake, they should have no problem to manage.  I provided them some of the tips and hope my lesson learnt will help them to achieve a success  in one way or another... If you would like to try out, pls refer to following link for recipes.  Enjoy Baking and Cheer!!

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