Saturday, June 19, 2010

Black and Orange Chocolate Cheesecake

 "Oh my god! How could I make such a silly mistake ? " I screamed after realizing the flour and a portion of the sugar were still left on the table.  You know why?  I had forgotten to add in these two ingredients but it was already too late because the cake had already been in the oven baking... 

What's a disaster!  I couldn't believe why I could miss this step.  I should have noticed it because when I was trying to fold in the egg white, it was very runny. This was the result of rushing.  In fact, I have many lessons of this before, I should have learned through these painful experience but somehow, I fell again.   What I supposed to do now?  How the cake would turn up?  There were so many questions spinning around my head but what I could do at that point was to wait till the cake cooked and find a solution to remedy.  
This was supposed an Orange Cotton Cheesecake, should taste like Japanese Cheesecake except in Orange flavor.  However, without the flour and a portion of the sugar, the cake became extremely soft and tasteless.  To remedy this, I baked a chocolate sponge cake with extra sweetness, my plan was to transform it to a layered cake.  I sliced the sponge cake into two, spread a layer of chocolate fudge onto one of the slice before laying the cheesecake.  Next, I spread another layer of chocolate fudge onto the cheesecake before covering with the 2nd slice of sponge cake.  Last, I covered the top with the remaining chocolate fudge.
 Phew!  The result turned out pretty good.  When the rich chocolate fudge blended with the cheesecake, it complemented each others and brought up the overall taste.  I think this cake will scored 7 points.  To consume this,  I gave 1/3 to my neighbor, the other 2/3 to my hubby's colleagues.   I didn't keep a share for my family since both my daughters don't like orange flavor cake.

I don't intend to share the recipe since it is just a fix to my boo-boo :(

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