Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bali, here I come!!

I was overseas for two weeks since end May.  In the first week, I was away for a short break to Bali with my family and then followed by a business trip to Beijing. That explains why my blog was empty for a while.

Bali was a destination which wasn't on my "to-visit" list as since Singapore is so hot, any tropical island didn't attract me. I prefer to spend my holiday in a place where I can enjoy the cool weather. Why I chose Bali this time?  Well, my business travel plan couldn't be settled down till mid May and jeopardized all my plans, due to the last minute, those popular places had been booked up and that gave me very limited choice for places to visit. Since I haven't been to Bali before, I guessed it's fine to explore and experience this country.

There wasn't much happenings on the first day since we flew off in the afternoon, by then we arrived, it was already late in the evening.   The tour guide brought us to a sunset dinner, nothing fanatic with the food as it was all the BBQ stuffs but it was so relaxing to watch  the sunset and the atmosphere becoming very romantic when the night arrived and the candles light up.

The second day started with a visit to Balinese sacred dance performance "Barong and Kris dance".  I couldn't say I enjoyed since I didn't really understand what they were performing but it was an eye opener for me.


Next we proceed to Kintamani where it's the best place to enjoy the magnificent view of Batur volcano and lake while having buffer lunch at a local restaurant. 
Understand that Batur is the most active volcano in Bali and one of Indonesia's more active ones.  During the past centuries, Batur had a number of small eruptions every few years. 

We wanted a relaxing holiday that have more time for ourselves, we therefore forgo the afternoon tour.  Our second day ended with visiting Tampak Siring Temple where we could see a lot of locals going to the water with sarung to clean their body and soul using holy spring water and then praying to the temple.  Since we watched this from some documentary programs, nothing seemed marvelous  to us but we respect their belives. 

Before leaving the Tampak Siring temple, we did some shopping. There were many local stores selling local goods.    We managed to bargain with the locals and slashed more than 50% off the price. It was a very good buy. 
 It's very enjoyable at Kuta beach during the evening when we could watch the sun setting.  When the sun started to lower, the orange light shone in.  The orange sky and the sea made the horizon really beautiful and wonderful.  That scene was etched into my memory.  
 A lot of people hanging out at the beach, some indulged in jogging, others just relaxing walking along the beach with family.  The orange sky and dark background of the people formed a very glorious sunset silhouette composition and beauty panorama.

After a night of good rest, we set off at 9am for our third day itinerary.   Our first stop was to visit Tanah Lot - Bali temple on the rock. Understand that this temple is one of the famour tourist destinations in Bali with spectacular view of sunset.  However, we went in the morning and therefore, had no opportunity to witness it.  Nevertheless, the Tanah Lots standing on a rocky island had painted a very magnificent views from far.

We continued our trip to Alas Kedaton Monkey Forest.  It's a small forest where we could see hundreds of monkeys in their natural habitat.  The monkeys there were free and peaceful, most of them were hanging up on the big trees or playing with each others.  Some monkeys were very naughty, my daughter and I got a shock when they climbed onto our head but it's an amazing experience ... my daughter wanted to carry the bats and that only cost us less than S$2 which is unbelievable!  You could see her enjoying so much!!

 We spent our lunch at a local restaurant in Pacung highland. The beautiful valley and hills with spectacular landscape and rice fields made it seem so relaxing and enjoyable.  It was breathtaking!

Again, we forgo the afternoon tour as we wanted to do some last minute shopping.  There are many shopping malls and shops along Kuta beach but we didn't really pick up many stuffs since  we weren't  into local products and the branded goods were not really competitive.

Our vacation in Bali had come to the end after our last minute shopping since the next morning, we had to catch up an early flight back to Singapore.  

Goodbye Bali! We might come again.

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