Monday, May 3, 2010

Yam Layered Cream Cake (with coconut milk)

I made this cake just because my elder daughter was craving for yam cake.  Since I wasn't very satisfied with my previous bake, I decided to try out another recipe and decided to adopt Aunty Yochana's Yam Cake's.

I made two sponge cakes that day when I baked for my mum-in-law's birthday because the 1st bake wasn't look good at the first sight.  At the end, I still used back the 1st one for the birthday cake as it tasted better than the 2nd recipe.  This left over sponge cake just came in handy for this yam layered cream cake.

Since there was quite a lot of left over whipped cream from the previous bake, it's just nice for me use it to ice this cake.  The cake decor was nothing fanciful, I just simply covered the whole cake with whipped cream and top with some longans because my daughter loves the Swensen yam ice-cream with longan dessert as they blend well, this explains why I always like put these two together...

I used a lot more yam than what it called for as I believed it would make the cake tastier but my daughter commented overly excessive and too rich. I shared the same view but my hubby didn't think so. I guess it's all up to individual preferences.

If your mum likes yam, this recipe is a great choice for mother's day cake.   The Yam Layered Cream Cake recipe (which I modified from Aunty Yochanan's) is as follow for you.. Hope you enjoy it.

- Prepare one 9” round sponge Cake (Do what I like’s  or my recipe) cut into 3 layers.

Ingredients for Filling (recommeded to cut down 20% if you don't like too rich).
- 38 gm. Butter
- 125 gm. Sugar

- 750 gm. Yam - steam and mashed into puree
- 250 gm. fresh milk
- 125 gm. Coconut milk
- 2.5 tsp gelatine + 2.5 tbsp boiling water (dissolved together)
- 250 gm. whipped cream (dairy cream) + 2.5 tbsp sugar +  1 tsp yam paste
- 250ml top whipping cream (whipped)
- 1 can Longan

1. In a cooking pot, melt butter over medium heat till melted. Add in yam puree, sugar and stir till even.
2. Pour in fresh milk and coconut milk. Cook under low heat and stir till almost dry. Put aside to cool.
3. Dissolve gelatine into boiling water or double boil till getatine dissolved. Set aside.
4. In another mixing bowl, whip whipping cream with sugar till slightly stiff, add in yam paste, gelatine solution and mix well. Add in yam puree from step 2 and stir till combine (don’t over mix).
5. Place 1 layer of sponge cake onto a cake board. Divide yam mixture into 4 portion and spread one portion to 1st layer and evenly distributed. If the yam mixture is too runny, chill (freeze) in fridge each time a layer is spread with yam mixture.
6. Cover the yam mixture with 2nd layer of sponge cake and spread another portion of yam mixture. Repeat the same for 3rd layer and the top layer. Freeze for 30 mins.
7. In a new mixing bowl, whip top whipping cream till stiff and spread evenly at the sides. Spoon the remaining into piping bag fitted with a nozzle and pipe rosettes on top of cake and as desired. Décor with Longan.
8. Chill in fridge for 3 hours before serving.

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edith said...

wow wow wow.... I am so pleased to get to know you. A vivid baker!

Will be looking forward to all your bakes.

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