Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Very Happy Mother's Day !!

My younger daughter gave me a mother's day card this morning, it's handmade by herself. Although it's very simple and plain card, I felt so touched by what she wrote to me ...

Once a year, the time will come, to celebrate those we hold clear.
To celebrate the ones, who brought us up, and helped us when time comes.
They sometimes yell, and scream and shout, yet, they always mean us well!
They love us, pamper us, until sometimes, we can't help but cuss.
It is only right, for us, today, to return their love this night.
So today, I say, to the only mom I have,


Your beloved daughter,
Meryl Lim

Nothing can beat her love for me.  My heart has melted and my tears is almost falling from my eyes. I gave her a BIG and WARM HUG as I am so glad that she appreciates what I had done for her ... 

My elder daughter asked me to go for dinner together.  We expect all restaurants to be very crowded and decided to leave early for a simple Japanese sushi dinner.  My elder indicated to buy a pair of musical tickets as mother's day present for me and included her father.  I was very touched as I didn't expect anything from her.  Though we have a simple dinner without my hubby (as he is away for business trip), I'm very satisfied with what I have now.

I would like this opportunity to wish all Moms in the world a very Happy Mother's Day!

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