Sunday, May 23, 2010

Life of Irony

Life is full of irony and helpless. As parents, we always try to give as much care as we can to our children but when they grow older especially in their teenage, the care and advice can be deemed as nag or annoyance or agitation by them, they may perceive we are no longer able to understand them probably due to generation gap and therefore, they  may "yell" to leave it to them since they are old enough to think and able to make their own decision. 

I think no parent will like to waste time if they do not have an interest in their children, that's why sometimes, I felt very upset when such situation happens to me and the only way to help myself to get over this is to let go.  If they think they have taken charge of their life, if they fall, they will have to learn through hard way and take it as lesson learnt.    Therefore, instead of entangling argument with them, I will rather channel my energy to my hobby/ interest or work.   How sad are parents these days ? :(

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