Friday, May 28, 2010

Hershey's Black Magic Cake Again!

My younger daughter asked me if I could bake a cake for her friend's birthday, as long as time permits, normally, I am delighted to fulfill her request.  I suggested cheesecake or strawberry or durian, she shook her head and asked for chocolate as since most of her friends are chocolate lover.

I know most of her close friends since they came to my house pretty often.  They are all decent and well behaved although sometime, they are playful which I think it's normal since they need space to let go.  I'm glad that my daughter is behaving well in all aspects except spending too much time on the computer.  Although she is a smart kid and scored well in school, the computer addiction problem is becoming more and more severe which it's indeed crucial to treat. 
I have been trying to divert her attention to other thing else so as to reduce her computer's usage, that's why when she told me about going for her friend's birthday celebration, I encourage as I want her to improve her social skills. She needs to interact more with human rather than computer and expand her circle of friends.

I baked the Black Magic Cake again since it's an easy cake to make.  This round, I added extra tsp of the coffee powder to batter but the cake turned out slightly bitter.  Hope the kids are fine with it as I personally prefer sweeter chocolate. 

For one portion of the ingredient, I baked into two 6" size, one for the birthday girl, the other  for own consumption or give away.  For the birthday cake, I tried to cover the edge with chocolate rolls and secured them with a big ribbon.  It looks pretty nice although it's simple.   For the other cake, I decorated the side with chocolate curls and topped with some almond cookies.  Although it doesn't look so professional, I think it looks good as well.


If you're interested in baking this cake, click this link for the recipe.

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edith said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Yes sometime we just have to let go and pray that they don't fall too hard.

I think it is a wonderful idea that your kids invite her frens home. At least you are able to access what kind of company she mixes.

I do that for my son thus I am at ease whenever he goes out.


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