Sunday, May 9, 2010

Durian Layered Cream Cake

Happy Mother's Day!!

I grew up in a single-parent family, it's not that my parents divorced but rather my father passed away early. Since then, my mum had to shoulder all the responsibility for raising 4 of us up and it's indeed a heavy task especially as my mum is uneducated and had never worked before. She scarified her whole life for us and had struggled through all these years to provide for all our needs until we all grew up and became independent. Mom is my greatest pride as she is the greatest mom in the world. I'm not good in expressing my word and feeling to her and therefore, I baked a durian cake for her to express my sincere thanks and love towards her... 

Durian is an exotic fruit, it's known as the "king of the fruits" and most Singaporeans love it. It relished in South East Asia as well. However, most foreigners (for example my Caucasian brother-in-law) will not appreciate as it has an offensive smelling like garlic or onion with strong cheese, it can be deemed as stink for those who dislike it. My family likes it except my younger daughter. I've been trying to convince her to acquire its taste but she just refuses. Haiz.. it's big loss to her as durian is such delicious and creamy :(

I remembered when I was a child, I ate durian very often as I lived in a kampong, there was a lot of durian trees around. Together with my cousins, we always went to pick durian during the durian season. At times, my uncles would buy a few baskets of durians and we could continue to eat for few days without fail. We even went to the extend of eating durian seed as it was delicious after cooked. How amazing is it! At that age, I had no worry about putting on weight despite the huge amount of durian I ate but now, I have to very conscious about it since it contains high level of calories ...

I brought this cake to my mum last night, she was very happy and she liked the cake so much. My brothers and their families also enjoyed it, all of them said it's heavenly delicious. I didn't expect it's so good as I didn't pay for premium for the durian and also, I tested the durian puree when I was cooking, it was a bit bland and tasteless. Somehow, the chemical reaction of durian with whipping cream has turned this a rich, creamy and yummy dessert !

My sis-in-law (who is just back from London to attend my mum-in-law's birthday) is also a durian lover, she has been waiting to try my durian bakes. I think I will either bake a durian cake or durian puff but I will need to bake a bigger one as they are more durian lovers in my hubby's family ......

Are you tempted?  The recipe is here  ...I bet you'll like it!

Durian Layered Cream Cake recipe. 

- Prepare one 8” round Sponge Cake cut into 4 layers.
- toasted 60g of almond flakes for 8-10 mins at 160*C

Durian Cream Ingredients:
- 650g Durian Fresh
- 1 tbsp Sugar (you can cut down or increase)
- 200ml Diary Whipping Cream (Chilled)
- 1 tbsp Sugar
- 15g Gelatin dissolved in 3 tbsp boiling water (Optional if Durian paste is runny)
1. Cook durian fresh under simmer till cook; add sugar and stir till dissolved. Rest for cool before mixing with cream.
2. Machine whip cream under ice water at medium speed for 30sec – 1min, add sugar and mix until double in volume (another 1-1.5 mins), 80% stiff.
3. Add in durian paste and mix until soft peaks form (don’t over mix). If the cream is runny, add gelatin to prevent cream from weeping).
4. Place 1 layer of sponge cake onto a cake board. Divide durian cream into 4 portion and spread one portion to 1st layer and evenly distributed. If the durian cream is too runny, chill (freeze) in fridge each time a layer is spread with durian cream.
5. Cover the durian cream with 2nd layer of sponge cake and spread another portion of yam mixture. Repeat the same for 3rd layer.
6. Spread remaining durian cream on the top layer and all sides. Freeze for 30 mins.
7. Line all sides with almond slides and decor as desired.
8. Chill in fridge for 3 hours before serving.

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