Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sour Cream Streusel Coffee Cake

I was trying to find a recipe to get rid the sour cream that left over from the French Country Cheesecake, I was enticed by the recipe of Coffee Yoghurt Cashew Nuts Cake posted by Happy Home Baking as the cake looks so appetizing and tempting in picture.

After going through the recipe, I reckoned it called out the similar ingredients as my previous Walnut Crumble Coffee Cake but what I like about this is the recipe calls for lesser sugar which was what I intended to do if I would to bake again.

I make slight modification to this original recipe, I used sour cream instead of yoghurt,  added 2 tsp of coffee powder (premixed with water) and 1 tsp of cinnamon powder to the cake batter before adding into the batter as my elder daughter loves the spice and prefer stronger coffee fragrant.

The cake turned out really good and yummy.  It's moist and soft but if I will to bake again, I will use flour for crumble instead of digestive biscuits and  add more walnuts (another 50g) as I prefer the more nutty crunch effect.  Other than that, it's prefect!

I am very satisified with this set of photo as it looks so nice.  What do you think?

 For recipe, pls refer to Happy Home Baking site. 

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Happy Homebaker said...

Your cake looks delicious! Your are a talented baker, I like your bakes, all of them look delicious! I hope one day I can bake and frost a cake as good as yours :)


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