Friday, April 23, 2010

Oreo Buttermilk Cake

Oreo biscuit is most kids' favourite, my younger daughter likes it as well. Her "beloved" is Oreo Cheesecake but when I told her about baking an Oreo buttermilk cake, she gave me a dubious look as she wasn't convinced the cake would turn out delicious.

I found this recipe from Happy Home Baking's post but it was created by the baker of My Kitchen: My Laboratory .  Many of of bakers had tried it and all gave very good comment.  This had pushed me to give this recipe a shot.

The original recipe called for plain yogurt but I used buttermilk instead as this was what I had in the fridge. All the bakers feedback that this cake was moist,  fluffy and buttery.  However, I think it's a lighter cake as it's not as buttery as I expected.

Overall, it still tastes well.  My daughter likes it very much.  As for me, if I'll to bake again, I think I will increase the butter to 100g as I believe it'll tast better.   Pls follow this link for recipe.  Cheer!!

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