Saturday, April 3, 2010

Strawberry Sponge Cheesecake

It's great to have a public holiday on either Friday or Monday. Thanks god for Good Friday holiday this week as I've a long weekend again. So siok! :) In the normal weekend, I always find time not enough as normally, I will have the routine to do, eg. visit parents and go grocery shopping. Any extra day is always a bonus to me and my family as we could spend more time together doing something in common.

It isn't my intention to have an eventful long weekend, what I want is just to relax and slow down. Take time to enjoy every second and moment for thing that I do or enjoy, that's enough as life is full of uncertainty, we'll never know what will happen in next moment.

To clear the remaining whipping cream that left over from the last bake, I figured out to make a cheesecake. Since strawberry was on sales lately, I decided a strawberry flavoured cake this round. I wanted to try something new but worried to get another regret, therefore decided a old recipe.

This is a coldset cheesecake sandwiched with sponge cake. To save time, I decided not to use the separated egg method for sponge cake but I realized I couldn't handle the mixing part when the flour mixed with batter, as a result, it didn't turn out that well. As this is a coldset cheesecake, the sponginess of the cake texture is secondary, I didn't rebake the cake. I'm glad that the cheesecake after overnight chilled turn out very well and it didn't disappoint me.

To improve the picture quality, this round I used a detachable flash light for the shooting as I realized the lighting in my living room is dim and not even. I am very satisfied with this set of picture as it looks more professional.

Here you go... Strawberry Sponge Cheesecake Recipe!

Filling Ingredients
- 350g cream cheese
- 110g caster sugar (can cut down 10%)
- 120g strawberry (crushed or cut into quarter)
- 1 tbsp gelatine powder
- 3 tbsp water
- 350g whipped cream
- 1 tbsp rum

And 2 slice sponge cake (8"x8"x 2" height) - you can use any method.

1.  To make filling, beat cream cheese and sugar until smooth (2-3mins), stir in crushed strawberry.
2.  Melt gelatine powder with water over simmering water or mix gelatine powder into hot water till dissolved.  Stir into cheese mixture, then fold in whipped cream and rum.
3.  Place a slice of sponge cake into 8-inches baking tray.  Spread in half of the cheese mixture.  Cover with sponge cake.  Top with remaining of cheese mixture.
4.  Frozen/ chilled in fridge for over night.
5. Remove cake and slice, decorate as desired.

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