Monday, February 8, 2010

2010 CNY Cookie Baking Wrap Up

It has been a busy month for me with all cookie baking for the coming Chinese New Year couple with stepping into a new role. I'm amazed with the no. of the types of cookies I had baked in past few weeks, certainly, I need to thank my maid for giving a helping hands, without her doing all the washing and cleaning plus rendering with extra hands, I doubt I could produce all these. Because of baking, I've no time for shopping and exercise, all my past weekends (and some weekday late night) were burnt. Therefore, my resolution this year is to regain my exercise regime. Relax and slow down!

Out of all the cookies I baked, pineapple tart is still my best favourite cookie, 2nd is almond cookies and 3rd is cashewnut and almond sugee cookies. However, I am no longer able to eat too many, firstly, I worried about my waistline, secondary, somehow I am no longer having such craving for all these cookies. The most fulfilling and satisfying part for me is the praises I received from those who tasted my cookie.

Here is the list of cookies I baked this year - 2010.
  1. Almond Cookies (3 batches)
  2. Almond Shortbread Cookies (1 batch)
  3. Almond Sugee Cookies (2 batches)
  4. Cashewnut Cookies (2 batches)
  5. Closed Pineapple Tarts (4 batches)
  6. Coconut Crisps (2 batches)
  7. Crunchy Walnut Cookies (1 batch)
  8. Honey Cornflake Cups (2 batches)
  9. Open Pineapple Tarts (1 batch)
  10. Peanut Cookies (1 batch)
  11. White Almond Cookies (1 batch)
I  see a challenge for me to bake after Chinese New Year as there are couple of business travel trips lining up. I might need to stop for a while till the travel slows down but nevertheless, whenever possible I will !

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