Thursday, January 7, 2010

Pandan Chiffon Cake

I've lost count the number of times I bake this Pandan Chiffon Cake, firstly, this is easy to bake (the preparation time is less than half an hour), secondary, this is an all time favorite item. The old folks and kids all like to eat. I brought this to office a coupe of time to share with my colleagues, they gave me a thump-up and many of them keened to learn.

The texture of this cake is very fluffy and light, the Coconut and Pandan are the perfect combination to make the cake so fragrant. However, to me, Chiffon Cake regardless of flavours, they are all too sweet as they contain very high level of sugar content. I tried couple of times to cut down the amount of the sugar called for, the maximum I could cut is only 5%. If I cut further, it doesn't turn out as nice as the original recipe, it become drier. Therefore, my advice is "just follow the recipe, don't try to modify" else, you'll be regret like me before.

Trust me! This recipe is surely a keeper if you're a chiffon lover.

Here is the recipe:

IngredientsGroup 1- 90g Egg Yolk (about 5 medium egg)
- 1 tsp Pandan Essence (Optional)
- 100g Coconut Milk and 20g milk OR 120g Coconut Milk
- 50g Pandan Juice
- 90g Caster Sugar
Group 2- 120g plain flour (sifted)
- 8g Baking Powder (sifted)
- 2g Salt
- 65g Vegetable Oil
Group 3- 170g Egg White
- 100g Caster Sugar
- 1g Cream of Tartar

- All Ingredients are at room temp. Separate Egg into egg whites and egg yolks.
- Preheat oven 15-20 mins at 170*C . Lowest rack.
- Baking pan: Prepare 23 cm Chiffon Tin (no lining of baking paper). Total baking time: 55 mins.

Method1. Mix Group 1 - coconut milk, pandan juice with egg yolk, add caster sugar and pandan essence and mix well. Put it aside.

2. Sift Group 2 – plain flour and baking power together
3. Add group 2, salt into group 1 and whisk till incorporate well.
4. Blend in vegetable oil and mix well. Put aside.
5. Add cream of tartar to egg white, beat till slight foamy (about 30 sec) and then add sugar and beat till stiff (2-2.5 mins).
6. Gentle fold 1/3 of egg white into batter (from step 4), repeat the same step for egg white till complete and mix till well combined (don’t over mix).
7. Pour batter into chiffon tin up to 80% full.

8. Bake at 170*C for 55 mins
9 After baked, turn over immediately and rest for 6 hrs to cool.

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