Monday, January 4, 2010

Orange Chiffon Cake

I bake this orange chiffon cake a couple of time, since the preparation time is very short and easy to bake, I could do it during the weekday evening without waiting for the weekend or holiday.
The texture of the cake is very fluffy and light, with the orange fragrant, it's very refreshing. For those who like Chiffon cake, this recipe is a keeper. 

- All Ingredients are at room temp. Separate Egg into egg whites and egg yolks.
- Preheat oven 15-20 mins at 170*C. Lowest rack. Baking pan: 9” tube tin (no lining of baking paper). Total baking time: 55 mins. 

Group 1
- 75g Egg Yolk (about 5 medium egg)
- 3g Vanilla Essence
- 1 tsp Orange Essence (Optional)
- 120g Orange Juice (about 2 pcs)
- 62g Caster Sugar
Group 2
- 125g plain flour
- 6.25g Baking Powder } sifted
- 2g Salt
- Some Orange Zest
- 85g Vegetable Oil
Group 3
- 175g Egg White
- 90g Caster Sugar
- 1g Cream of Tartar

1. Group 1 – Mix orange juice with egg yolk, add caster sugar and vanilla orange essence and mix well. Put it aside. 2. Group 2 – Sift plain flour and baking power.
3. Add group 2, salt and orange zest into group 1. Hand whisk and incorporate well.
4. Blend in vegetable oil and mix well. Put aside.
5. Whisk egg white till slight foamy (about 30 sec), add sugar and cream of tartar and beat till stiff ( 2.5- 3mins).
6. Fold egg white into the batter (step 4) and mix till well combined (don’t over mix).
7. Pour batter into chiffon tube tin up to 80% full.
8. Bake at 170*C for 50-55 mins.
9. After baked, turn over immediately and rest for 6 hrs to cool before serving.

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