Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Log Cake (II)

I wasn't very satisfied with the butter cream log cake, thus I decided to give another try but with a different flavour. This time, I baked a chocolate sponge cake, rolled with butter cream and coated with chocolate frosting instead.

To my surprise, the cake turned out very tasty, the combination of chocolate frosting and butter cream blends very well. I'm very pleased with it. I believe you will love it, it's chocolaty and the sweetness is just right.
For this log cake, I put in more effort on decoration thus the appearance looks very good. It looks like those selling at the bakery outlet.

As I'll be leaving soon for a holiday, I don't think I will have time for anymore festive baking for the time being. I guess I could only continue this after return. Hopefully, by then my helper is back, I don't need to do anymore house cleaning and allow me to do more festive baking. I look forward to her return.

If you would like to bake a log cake for the coming Christmas and you are a chocolate fan, this recipe is worth trying. Hope you enjoy!

Here is the recipe for this Christmas Chocolate Log Cake. It's similar to the Butter Cream Log Cake recipe except the sponge cake is added with some cocoa powder and it is iced with chocolate frosting.

- Preheat oven at 200*C for 15 mins. Baking Time: 10-15 mins
- Baking pan: 10" X 14" low pan greased and lined with baking paper.

Sponge Cake Ingredient- 5 eggs (55g each)
- 90g sugar
- ½ tbsp ovalette
- 70g plain flour } sifted
- 15g corn flour } together
- 15g cocoa powder }
- 50ml water
- ½ tsp vanilla essence
- 50ml melted butter

1. Whisk eggs, sugar and ovalette for 20 sec.
2. Stir in flours and cocoa powder, beat together for abt 4 mins
3. Add in water and vanilla essence, continue to beat for another 3 mins till thick.
4. Fold (use hand) in melted butter, mix well.
5. Bake at 200*C for 10-15 min.

Butter Cream Ingredient
- 60g water } boil to form syrup
- 35g sugar } & chill in fridge
- 60g butter
- 1/4 tsp vanilla essence
- 25g melted chocolate (double boil)

6. Boil water and sugar together till sugar dissolved. Chill the syrup in the fridge for later use.
7. Cream butter till soft, add in syrup one small portion at a time till mix well. (abt 20 mins)
8. Add in vanilla essence and melted chocolate, one small portion at a time till mix well.
9. Chill in fridge if butter cream is too soft.

Chocolate Frosting
- 150g dark chocolate, chopped (45% cocoa)
- 100g milk
- 10g butter

10. Cook milk until boils. Add it into the chocolate and stir until the chocolate is melted completely.
11. Add in butter and mix until well combined. Leave aside to cool and chill in fridge till it thickens.

Assemble Together
12. Spread the butter cream onto the sponge cake and roll into row.
13. Spread the chocolate frosting over the whole log cake.
14. Draw a fork though the icing in lines to look like the bark, dust with snow sugar and décor as desired.

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