Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Blueberry Chocolate Yoghurt Muffins

You might noticed that whenever I baked something, eg. blueberry or banana cake, you will continue to see the similar cakes/ desserts over and over again for at least one to two weeks. It's always difficult to keep leftover ingredients for too long and therefore, the only way is to bake something using the same ingredients till consumed.

I baked this muffins last night for this morning breakfast. I don't really like to use fresh blueberry because it can be sour if not enough sugar is added. However, since this pack of blueberry was bought last week from an offer, I would rather use it up .

I adopted the recipe from Do What I like blog as it is highly regarded and recommended. Given that I had bad experience with blueberry muffins previously, I decided to add extra white chocolate (30g) so that sour taste is not overpowered.

I'm glad that I make the right choice as the white chocolate blends very well with the blueberry. It's so tasty! The texture of the muffins is moist and soft. It's certainly worth trying.

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