Friday, October 9, 2009

Temptation Oreo (II)

I wasn't convinced by the failure in my previous Oreo Cheesecake attempt, I decided to go for another try. Finally, I found a recipe from BakingBlonde's Weblog, what attracted me is the recipe using the condensed milk instead of whipping cream. Since this is different from other cheesecake plus there is a lot of good comments from those who have tried, I decided to adopt this recipe but cut down the portion to 1/3 since it's my first attempt.

Without disappointment, the cheesecake is very creamy, silky and smooth in texture as described by Bonde in her blog. I rated this recipe a 9.5! And it tastes like those selling at the cafe.

Many thanks to Blonde who is so generous and kind in sharing this wonderful recipe.  So why wait? Hurry up and you will enjoy a delicious treat!

1 comment:

bakingblonde said...

Wow, just found your blog! Glad you enjoyed the cheesecake.


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