Friday, October 23, 2009

Pepperoni Pizza (I)

I took a half day leave on Friday afternoon, no special occasion just wanted to take a break plus cleared my annual leave. Since it was a last minute decision, I just wanted to wander around. I took a MRT, stopped at Seng Kang station and landed at Cold Storage in Compass Point Shopping Mall. I used to be a shopping queen, I could shop and spend a lot of money on clothing and shoes every month but since taking up baking, I tend to channel all my energy to baking stuffs. I shopped for cookbook, baking ingredients and utensils, etc. This time, I only picked up a pack of pepperoni sausage from Cold Storage since most of the things I could find them in FairPrice which is near my home.

My maid wanted to fry bee hoon for dinner as there wasn't much vegetable and meat left. I suggested pizza (pizza again?!) since I just bought a pack of pepperoni. In addition, I wanted to bake for my elder daughter as she hadn't tasted my pizza before.

My first dough didn't stand because the yeast had expired. I did the second batch with a new pack of yeast and this round, I made it! I followed the same recipe as my BBQ chicken pizza for dough but for the topping, I used the pepperoni, red bell pepper, sliced onion and diced tomato as key ingredients. Since both my daughters love cheesy pizza, I used up the 250g of cheese for a 10" pizza. With some sprinkle of black pepper, dried oregano and basil leaves, it blends so well. The pizza is very tasty and delicious, the crust is thin and it's cheesy and chewy.
All of us enjoyed the dinner so much especially both my daughters, they ate the most. Both of them finished up 3 quarters of the pizza left 1 quarter for me and my maid. Too bad, my hubby wasn't around to witness this because he had an appointment that night.

Between Pepperoni and BBQ Chicken, I still prefer the latter since it's tastier, therefore, I rate this recipe a 7.5. Here are the Ingredients for a 12-14" Pepperoni Pizza topping . Hope you enjoy!

  • 2-3 tbsp Italian pasta sauce 
  • 250g Perfect Italiano Pasta Plus Cheese    
  • 1/2 piece onion (sliced and fried till golden) 
  • 1/4 piece red bell pepper (diced) 
  • 1/2 piece tomato (diced) 
  • 1/2 pack pepperoni (about 10-12 slices) 
  • Dried oregano to taste
  • Basil leaves to taste
  • pepper to taste

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