Monday, October 19, 2009

Chocolate Intensity

Although I'm not a chocolate lover, I decided to bake this chocolate cake because Blonde rated this recipe a 10. It appealed to me that the recipe was a "must try" item. While trying to gather all the ingredients, I realized it's a flourless cake. I hesitated a while, I wasn't sure whether or not to follow a full recipe as the cake has very high content of butter and chocolate. I expected it to be very rich and fatty. At the end, I still succumbed to the temptation and decided to go for a "full". I guessed since I had tried Blonde's recipe before, I trusted her taste and had confident in her.

Since it's unfair for me to rate this recipe , I asked my daughters to fill in this blank. Based on their feedback, the average rating is 8.
I cut down the butter by 10% as I really worried the calories intake, on the flip side, the cake turned out a bit low (less than 1 1/2" height) in height. To remedy this, I inserted two layers of chocolate sponge cake to improve the appearance before ganache. As the cake has to be chilled for a night, I baked the sponge cake and did the glazing on the next day. As what Blonde commented, the cake is so rich, so creamy and denser than a cheesecake. If you're a chocolate lover, I believe you will find it a pleasure. To a non-chocolate lover like me, it's hard for me to accept the richness and therefore, I could not appreciate.

P.S. My hubby brought this to his office for his colleague, surprisingly, the feedback is very positive. They like this cake very much, no one complained about its richness and some even commended at hotel standard.

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