Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Baking Journey

In the past, it could be due to work commitment (probably just an excuse!), I never had thought of baking as work had occupied most of my time. The no. of times I entered into kitchen was handful since most of my meals were taken care by my helper or settled outside. I am surprised about myself developing this into a new passion and hobby. I had never had an oven since I didn't need to cook. The oven was bought because my daughters were craving for bake rice last Christmas. After the bake rice, they wanted the pineapple tart for Chinese New Year. And because of pineapple tart, I started to explore other new year cookies and then, started to take up courses in CC. This was how I started my baking journey ... Since I am still very new into this, I am still in the experimental stage. Many a times, I flopped especially trying up new item and it could spoil my whole day mood. I used to be a sweet tooth person as I loved eating cake and dessert especially the rich cheese cake and ice-cream to satisfy my desire. I always stuffed up cake, pastry, bread and ice-cream at home in the past but after learning baking, I tend to cut down and no longer need this craving anymore. Instead, the praises and encourgements that I received from people who tasted my food has made my day :D

I'm amazed by many people sharing their baking and cooking experience on blog and this has triggered me to create my own blog, i.e. my-sweet-hut. Hope you enjoy reading and find this a pleasure :)

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