Friday, September 18, 2009

Muddy Bar

I personally don't really like chocolate cake or dessert as I find the taste is overly rich. However, after tasted the sample from the baking lesson I attended last week, I couldn't resist. It was moist and fine, and certainly rich and chocolaty. I baked this cake the next day as I couldn't wait any longer. Because of the richness, I sliced into smaller piece so that the amount of calories will be proportionally cut down. I could also share with more colleagues and friends. So far, I received a lot of postive feedbacks and therefore, I think it's worth sharing. I made a slight modification to original recipe to suit my preference. Here is the recipe for Muddy Bar:

- Preheat oven at 150*C (top bottom heat) for 15 mins.
- Prepare 11.5" * 9" low pan and base laid with foil.

Ingredients - Cake
- 250g butter
- 250g chocolate (56%)
- 350 ml hot milk
- 140g brown sugar
- 40g cater sugar
- 2 extra large eggs (lighten beaten)
- 1 tsp vanilla
- 200g self-raising flour } sift together
- 3 tbsp coco powder }

1. Melt butter in a heavy duty pot under low fire, stir till smooth. Remove from stove and stir in chocolate till it melts. Mix well and let it cool for a while.
2. Boil milk till hot (not boiling) in another pot, stir in brown and caster sugars till dissolved and pour into chocolate mixture (Step 1)
3. Stir in eggs and vanilla with balloon whisk till combined.
4. Mix in flour and coca powder, one portion at a time till combined (don’t overmix).
5. Pour into tray and bake at 150*C for 40-50 mins.

Ingredients - Hot Chocolate Sauce:
- 150g dairy whipping cream
- 150g chocolate
- 30g marshmallow (cut into smaller pieces)
1. Bring whipping cream to boil. Off fire and then add in chocolate. Stir till smooth.
2. Add in marshmallow and stir till melt (or could leave it as chunk).

1. Spread or drizzle sauce onto cake. Top with ice cream or almond if desired.

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